5 Popular Chapels in Italy

Italy is the heart of Catholicism. Perhaps that is the reason there are many magnificent churches in Italy. You could anticipate that nearly in every place in Italy, there is a church. The church could be large or small. The reason behind this is that during the early days, towns, cities, and villages, formed and assembled just about these areas of worship which recorded the passing of a season.
Many people think of the famous St. Peter’s Basilica but that this not the only amazing chapel in Italy. There are many that you will be surprised to know that many architects draw their inspiration from these churches. If you have an interest in Italian chapels, here are the 5 popular chapels you must see.
St. Mark’s Basilica

This is one of the popular chapels in Italy that you must see. The church is located in Venice and it has mosaic-covered domes. The chapel features the theatrical Italo-Byzantine design which makes it the central spot of St. Mark’s Square. It is also the approved temple of Venice. The interiors of this church have over 80,000 sq.ft of gold-painted Byzantine collections.
Most of them are from the 11th and 13th centuries and they cover the vaulted roofs and ceiling of the church. The floor of this church will you leave you staring in awe thanks to the gorgeous combination of mosaic and sculpture set up in a curvilinear form.
San Michele Island Cemetery
This is a large cemetery that borders Venice and Murano. It has an extremely special but pretty melancholic atmosphere and it was founded in the 19th century. The reason why it is popular it is because you can find the burial sections of famous personalities like Ezra Pound, the American poet, and Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer.
Chapel of the Piazza
Regardless of where you are in Siena, you can view this stunning Gothic-style loggia that dates back into the 14th century. It is one of the most beautiful and famous chapels in Italy that you don’t want to miss visiting. This limestone church was built to celebrate the culmination of the plague of 1348 that struck the city.
Medici Chapel
Every chapel is special, but this one is on another level. This area is a dedication to the celebrated royal house of Medici. Apart from that, it is the area where their bodies were buried. Another reason why this chapel is popular is that it is connected to the renowned artist Michelangelo. The artist was responsible for the sketching of the sarcophagi, New Sacristy, and other chapel features.
The Sansevero Chapel Museum
This is the last one on this list of the popular chapels in Italy. The chapel is situated on Via Francesco de Sanctis 19. You can also call it the Chapel of Santa Maria della Pietà. This chapel has artworks of some of the preeminent Italian artists in the 18th century – read article on 3 meanings of church.
Italy is a country rich in history. It doesn’t amaze me that some of the most beautiful churches are found here. If you want to see where it all started, visit these chapels mentioned here.

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